10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About SXE

NB: I purposely misspelled some words, and also used other adjectives in place of adult words for SEO policy. So, na who sharp go understand wetyn I write.

One woman’s fetish may be different from another woman, but when it comes to men, practically the same tricks could work for all men.

Breaking News! pleasing a man in bed is as easy as making Akamu(pap), but unfortunately, not every woman knows how to even make Akamu, just the way they don’t know how to please a man. But it’s easy…really.

To avoid talking too much, here are 10 things men wish women know about sxe. Ladies, Pay attention and do the needful;

I say give me “B-Job”; I didn’t ask you to squash my balls.

Easy on it, young lady.

It’s not like we don’t like giving ‘head’, just make sure your ‘pink wetty snail’ is clean.

Sometimes we like to go to sleep after the nut has been delivered.

Did I last just 5 minutes? Nothing wrong with me.

The race is for the swift. If I come first, I win.

every man for himself

If I can’t find your clit, tell me something else that works for you.

Don’t be scared to try new styles or things.

Don’t just stay like zombie. Activate.

You don’t need to fake it; If you didn’t come, I came.

Your friends don’t need to know how it went down between us.

Nothing you see on cornhub is real.

waittt…..do you know some men don’t also know how to do the thing right??? Yes! plenty of men sef! Click here to read the guide to a good “four-play”

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