5 Efficient Tips to Deal With Jetlags: My Santorini Girlfriend Taught Me

I played myself last month when I visited Santorini (the beautiful island in Greece). I wanted to feel among the “I have been there and done that” Santorini clique – since the beautiful island was trending across all social media platforms. The flight was for 12 hours from Lagos, so I thought it was “just” 12 hours.


Shortly before we departed; I stuffed my stomach with correct pounded yam and Egusi soup with Ogufe; since I knew I won’t be seeing much of that for the next one week – I chop tire.

We first stopped in Paris then flew to Athens, where we took a ferry to Santorini – I was excited! – I don touch ground (for my mind). I didn’t know the jetlag was doing press-up for me. To cut the story short; I was acting like a zombie all through the streets of Santorini. My bones were weak, my eyebags no be here, you will think I was preparing for WAEC exam. If not that my current girlfriend is the babe that sat beside me on the flight back; I for think say I waste money.

Now, my new girlfriend sent me a screenshot of the cheap flights to Dubai deal by Travelstart and I replied with my Santorini story and my fear for long hour flights.

Here are the 5 efficient ways my girlfriend taught me to deal with jetlags.

  1. Don’t overeat (No kill yourself with food)


This was my very first mistake, and the worse part was that I filled myself with carbohydrates (carbohydrate-rich food can make you feel very heavy and tired).

  1. Adjust yourself to the flow of the destination (Turn to a chameleon – be flexible to time)

This one isn’t so easy as mentioned, but it would be very much effective. Let’s say you get to the destination in the morning, when normally, the people in your own country are sleeping, try as much as possible not to sleep, but if you are “Jonah”, you can take a 3 hour nap; but make sure to wake up late morning or afternoon so as to adjust to the country’s time flow.

  1. Drink plenty of water and Juice (Turn to fish Especially during flight)

Dehydration happens faster during flight because the air in airplanes is quite dry. For this reason, it becomes harder for you to adjust to the new time zone. And yes! – please, skip the coffee and alcohol in flight; it makes you even more dehydrated. – but you can take them if dehydration and jetlag is your goal.

  1. Set your watch to the new time zone (Deceive your brain)


This should be done during the flight; setting your watch to the new country’s time zone will mentally prepare you for what’s ahead. Make sure you don’t sleep when it’s the country’s daylight and try sleeping when it’s the country’s night.

  1. Don’t let jetlag hold you back from catching the next flight

Before I could figure out what she meant here, she has already booked the cheap flight to Dubai for the both of us. Tell me, why shouldn’t I love my girlfriend? – She used her own money sef. Lol

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