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Ever thought of investing in Agriculture but fear you may not have time to care for the farm? Or you noticed owning a reasonable farm is quite expensive? Or you are yet to get the swags in Agriculture? Or more so, you ever wanted to touch the lives of people in a community but never knew how to go about it? – This scheme is for you!

Comemakewego is a leading destination marketing group in Nigeria and Africa, we are strong advocates for sustainable development; we started with tourism, now we are heading for Agriculture.

We started 2018 with a mission to promote a community in Africa and just in five months, we have had aggressive success in doing that. We have been able to promote Ado-Awaye, a community in Oyo state Nigeria through its tourist attractions and now, we thought, what if we get hold of something else that could boost the economy of the people in the community and as well yield a profit for investors? – Agriculture it was!

With fertile soil, great weather, massive farmlands and hardworking people, it’s no surprise that agriculture is the major occupation for the people of Ado-Awaye.

We have been able to successfully reach an agreement with the people of Ado-Awaye, through the town leaders to get people invest on their farmlands with the promise to employ their people as farm workers and give them a specific percentage after the year’s harvest.

Why should you get into this?

  • Your money keeps working for you even when your time doesn’t want it.
  • You would have the right to visit the farm whenever you wish to.
  • We would be doing Agriculture the youthful way (Having fun while being productive on our farm) – Think a weekend farm hangout on the farm.
  • We already have an off-taker for our major crop (We sell as soon as we harvest)
  • You would be doing your bit to improve livelihood for the people of Ado-Awaye.
  • You would be part of those that care to end hunger in Africa.
  • You would be part of those that care to reduce unemployment in Africa.
  • You would be making money doing good – isn’t this good?

How much do I need to join?

With a minimum investment of N50, 000 you would be part of a team cultivating on a 4-hectares farmland.

Please note: 20% equivalent of your investment would be required as a signup fee and covers for five (5) years. That means, if your investment is 50,000, you would be paying a one-time 10,000 as signup fee covering your five years membership. I.e. 2,000 per year.

How long can I be a member for?

The signup fee covers you for Three years, after which you can decide to opt-out or continue with the team.



What crop would we be planting?

For a start, we are going with Cassava, this is because we already have an off-taker (Cassava buyers). Nonetheless, we would introduce other crops as soon as we get buyers or come up with crop processing line.

What would be my return on investment (ROI) for Cassava?

30% return on your investment per year

To signup: Fill the signup form

For further inquiries: atabo@comemakewego.com and Cc miztaatabo@gmail.com

+234 816 8310 969

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