Falling from 680 meters : Olumirin Water fall

I felt it was time to chase the fall and fall with the waters.

After losing my virginity to the goddess (Story here), I felt I had grown wings – I felt superhuman – If I had tried a knife on myself, I wouldn’t cut. If I had put a flame on my body I wouldn’t burn. If I had tried drowning myself in the Atlantic Ocean, I would have been what the engineering team of the Titanic ship thought Titanic was- I was Unsinkable.

A journey to Osun state Nigeria without a visit to Olumirin waterfall (AKA Erin-Ijesha) is synonymous to planting and not harvesting -Lol…hope my analogy correlates.

With Seven Cascades standing about 680 meters above sea levels; Olumiran waterfall is a well-packaged gift to the people of Erin-Ijesha in Osun state Nigeria.  – I am still wondering how I was able to reach the peak even after the grooving I had at Oshogbo the previous night.

Thanks to Nigerian Breweries Plc(makers of Goldberg) for supporting the Osun Osogbo festival and also putting up that open space “recreational spot” around Osogbo; that’s a spot no “jaiye jaiye” traveller should miss when you are in Osogbo for the festival, just not sure if the spot opens on normal days but you are sure to feel Honourable and Excellent after playing the “reggae and blues” there – If you know, you know.

The story of how I felt exploited at an Amala joint in Osogbo on the day of the festival would be told one day- But just help me be wondering how 300 Naira cannot buy me Amala that will fill my stomach in a Yoruba Land – Tourist exploitation is “terrorism” please.

Leaving Osogbo to Erin-Ijesha was roughly an hour journey so my driver feeling like an “Ajala – the I know everywhere” decided to stop at a popular Pounded yam spot in Ilesha. We were the “early birds” Unfortunately (because I was very hungry), or better still, fortunately (I was going to eat “straight from the oven”) – It took another 30 minutes to get the food ready, set and eaten.

It was time to go.

The road to the waterfall changed in my face (Maybe the pounded yam was already manifesting or the driver took another route because I am sure that wasn’t the route I passed through the first time I visited the fall) but last-last, we got to the fall.

I started noticing some changes at the entrance to the site (this is not even a pounded yam manifestation – Lol) – It seems the site has now been privatized by a destination management company or it’s me that didn’t just take note of that from my first visit a year or two ago. There is now a developing car park towards the left side of the gate, the grasses before the fall are now looking to be well-maintained with one or two buildings erecting inside the compound.

Even with all these positive looking changes in facilities and infrastructures, a lot has to be done on the personnel placed at this tourist site – right in front of me, the personnel at the gate threatened to “land a dirty slap” on a tourist who parked in front of the gate. Also, I am still puzzled to why I have to pay separately for a camera I brought to a NATURAL TOURIST SITE. Maybe I should have left my camera at home – besides, my brain has more capacity to store information. Please, I need someone to help me understand why the separate payment.

Price list at Olumirin Waterfall (Erin Ijesha)
Price list at Olumirin Waterfall (Erin Ijesha)

One thing that didn’t change was the famous talking-drum man on the staircase leading to the waters. Maybe he is a member of the “meet and greet” team for the tourist site but he always gets me dancing even though I barely understand what he says – please fail not to tip that old man.

For those that were dragged to come, the sight of the first fall may scare you not to climb to the second but for those that like to dare, the first fall would push you to see the second and third.

2nd fall Olumirin waterfall_Miztaatabo
Second fall of Olumirin

For those that like to “talk the dare”, the path leading to the third fall may scare you from climbing to the fourth level of the mountain, talk more of the fifth, sixth and seventh. But for those that like to “do the dare” the path leading to the third is a catalyst to even go higher. – But whichever group you fall in, Olumirin waterfall in Erin Ijesha should be a must for you.

Shots from Olumirin waterfall-erin ijesha
Shots from Olumirin waterfall – Erin Ijesha
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