White sands, blue waters – definitely somewhere beautiful, especially now that it’s with a free flight ticket from Travelstart Nigeria

Before you start: If you are lazy like me, just click on any image or blue text, it would lead you to what you expect.

Initially, I was going to say you should pause reading this post and go Google “Zanzibar” but I became scared that some of you would get lost in its beauty and forget to come back here to finish the gist; so I decided to help with an Instagram screenshot.

Your journey to Zanzibar starts now! – Thanks to Travelstart Nigeria.

You must have seen “Travelstart” somewhere somehow, except you don’t use the internet, LOL. But to clear doubt, have you seen this poster before?

Yes, I have seen that poster somewhere online and even used their platform but I still don’t know much about them…

Just like every other great company, Travelstart isn’t just a one country entity; with offices in more than 6 countries, employing over 400 staff globally, I would have personally counted it as a miss if the company didn’t think of Nigeria.

March 27th, 2012; what is now known as Africa’s largest online travel agency open its doors to the Nigerian market.

March 2018; grown its workforce to over 50 staff, providing access for Nigerians to book affordable flights to more than 11,000 destinations through over 500 airlines; it’s no longer surprising that the brand has been graced with numerous prestigious awards.

Chairman, so what is my own if Travelstart is now 6 years old?

Happy Birthday Travelstart

To say thank you to Nigerians, Travelstart has decided to give out free flight tickets to Zanzibar! Unfortunately for me, due to insiders’ terms and conditions, I won’t be able to participate in the competition but I would definitely want you to win this!

Now Oga, stop all these stories and tell me how to win this thing…

I know your blood is getting hot to win the free ticket…who no want better thing? Just

So what if I don’t now win…?

I was going to tell you everyone is a winner just before your blood got too hot. Travelstart has made it possible for you to get extremely cheap flights from 20th -27th March 2018, through their awesome birthday sale, covering all domestic destinations, Johannesburg, New York, Toronto, Dubai, and London.

so what are you waiting for!

But after all the gift, why should I keep using Travelstart?

save time, save money, stress less, better planning

Cool enough yeah? – Go shoot the shot!

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