Half bowl of Efo-Riro; 7 days in Toilet: A traveler’s guide to eating local

To be honest, the soup was sweet, especially as I ate it with solid black Amala. But if only everything went well after that, I won’t have needed to make this post.

Who did I offend? or did I step on any charm at the village I visited? These and some more ridiculous thoughts crept my mind as I battle with my “volcanic” stomach at 2 AM; or is my stomach just playing April fool on me? – since it was literally the night of April 1st; but this wasn’t even funny again as my stomach became so heavy like it contained a bag of cement.

Oh! it should be that Efo-Riro I ate! – I flashed back to how the lady beside me that day complained about how she normally had stomach upset whenever she eats Efo, but I tried to feel like “hard guy”, ordered for more plates and cajoled her to try the soup, claiming this particular one was very different! – Ha! poor girl, only if she had listened to her mind; I wonder what she passed through after that day, hopefully, she hasn’t been cursing me in her house. HAHAHA

While some of us travel to meet the people, the rest of us travel to meet the people’s pot. Personally, I claim you haven’t gotten to the destination if at all you missed their food.

Imagine me going to northern Nigeria and not try Fura’de’nunu or Masa with miyan Kuka; If I hearrrrr!

Imagine me going to Niger-Delta and not eat starch and Banga soup; If i hearrrr! Going to Ondo and not try confam pounded yam, Ibadan and not try black Amala, Ado Awaye and not try white and black Amala; If i hearrrr!

The sight of some of these foods will make you lose your home training- You would start eating without washing your hands or praying on them.

To cut the long story short; these were the stuff I used to get back to life

  • Andrew’s liver salt

  • Garri (Raw)

  • Bread (Without soda or water…tuck it into your stomach like that)

So I would advise you should get at least two sachets of Andrew’s liver salt in your travel bag…even though you think you don’t need it. The temptation may arise anytime.

Through my experience, I got to understand why Bread is always sold on the road – It is a first Aid (However you come to think of it), you should also try to get a loaf in the bag.

and yessss! get a tissue in the bag! in case the “chemistry lab” in your stomach refuse all three, and the only option is “a bend in the bush”. LOL

Tell me, what local food “does the magic”

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10 thoughts on “Half bowl of Efo-Riro; 7 days in Toilet: A traveler’s guide to eating local

  1. ???…..okay this is hilarious but well thought out….I will also add that a sachet of flagyl wouldn’t be a bad idea as well ?

  2. Hahaha ? Pele. I too love to try local food when ever I explore a destination. It’s part of what makes exploring fun.
    Though my mother is always warning me to be very careful about what I eat ? Thanks for the ‘food saga’ solutions ?Would ensure I have one or all of them in my travel bag ?

  3. Lol. Interesting read. I’m still learning to be experimental with foreign foods and yes, I agree with these essentials

  4. This is hilarious Lol, I believe your tour of a particular place is not complete without tasting their food and Andrew liver salt and garri has been bae since day one because I have a very light tummy that will just start dropping everything taken in.

  5. This is very very funny! My stomach is suffering from the effects of efo riro as I type this and I searched on google to make sure I am not the only one. Then it brought me to this blog post ??

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