How to kill a snake and eat it before it kills and eat you

One man’s meat is another man’s poison…but a poison could be the meat you never got to eat…

Travel to Cambodia and have a bite of fried spiders, or somewhere in Japan and have your biscuit filled with wasp (instead of chocolate cookies, replace the Choco with wasp), or Mexico to have a chunk of Escamol (edible larvae and pupae of ants), or South Korea for a bowl of Beondegi (silkworm)

Snakes, maggot, alligator, cats, grasshoppers, monkeys, spiders, scorpions – different delicacies at different part of the world.

But I tasted a snake in Ado-Awaye and it tasted so good!

snake meat

If I had known this was how it tasted, I would have drawn that line on the floor back then when I was told “if you draw lines on the floor with a stick while walking, a snake will see it and follow you home”

Growing up in Nigeria, Snakes and Cats have been nightmares to me. The snakes were the pretty witchy ladies, while the cats were the old looking witches.

I once saw a movie where this dude took this sexy hot babe for a date, and while he was trying to have his kiss, the lady’s head turned into that of a Cobra! (I can laugh now…but back then, that image tormented my or the movie that the kids will provoke this old lady during the day, and she will turn to a cat at night to torment them. Please don’t ask me what kind of movies I had been watching as a kid.

Now, this is what travel does to you; travel resets your memory, giving you chance to learn what you want by yourself and not what Nollywood tells you.  It gives you the answer to who, why and what – who eats it or not, why they eat it or not and what they eat or not.

I don’t feel like talking too much about this, because it’s snake matter and I am typing this at 3:04 AM. Lol

But yes, do you know some places worship snakes and it is forbidden to kill a snake? – If no, travel more 🙂

Now the question is, what exactly is strange meat?

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