Having a blog or website that doesn’t fetch you money is like having a car that can’t drive you anywhere. The ugliest of website or blog may generate even the most of money if all things are crossed and checked well.

It’s believed that out of every 1000 applications received by Google AdSense, only 3 accounts are accepted each day. I am sure you must have been rejected once or twice – Yes, I was also rejected twice till I got to unlock the cheat codes. LOL

7 Key cheat codes to get your blog or website approved;

  1. Make sure it has been running for at least 6 months before applying for Adsense
  2. It is advisable to get a personal domain instead of free domains; Google still approves free domains though – but I suggest you get a personal domain like me miztaatabo.com.ng instead of miztaatabo.blogspot.com
  3. Make your website or blog as easy as possible to understand. – Google loves websites that are easy to navigate, its spiders will be able to crawl easily within the sites and fetch information faster. Make the site look as professional as possible.
  4. You must be above 18 years to apply for Google Adsense
  5. Always create an original post; avoid copy and paste –  Google will catch you like a thief and ban you.
  6. Remove other Ad networks before applying for Google Adsense- Google is a jealous Google. However, you can still run the other networks once you get approved by Google.
  7. Your contents should be written in English or other Adsense support languages.

I will be sharing other tips from time to time and also modify the above listed with time.

Don’t fail to contact me via mail if you need help or better still, make comments in the comment section so that others can also learn from it.

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