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To finally stop the Jukun tribe from penetrating and habiting on the Igala soil;

  • a curse was laid on the river the Jukuns passed through to get into Igala Land.
  • another Princess was buried alive close to the river.
  • Fishes from the river were cursed to never get cooked so that the Jukun warriors won’t be able to feed when they penetrate.
Inachalo river
Inachalo river

Beside the river is a shrine (still active). The shrine is used to appease the gods of the river and to repledge covenants made to protect the land.

Shrine located at Inachalo River
Shrine located at Inachalo River

Also, very close to the river is the statue of a princess (Oma’doko) who was buried alive as part of the rituals to keep the Igala land safe.

Princess Omaodoko statue located at Inachalo river


Click here to watch the video of the river

Hope you visit Igala Land soon.

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  1. I served in Kogi and visited a lot o fplaces. The idah people are pretty fetish. Didn’t get to hear this sroty though. Interesting

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