More lies: “Every woman should squirt during s3x”

If you are reading this post; congratulation, you made it this far in 2020, the year of survival. – so many gbas-gbos everywhere this year. Every month came with its own package. hahaha.

“Is it tight? Does it smell nice? Does it look pink and fresh? Does it rain and flood Lagos island? ok… Use this, use that” – that’s how some ladies get their “edible snails” smelling like dead fish.

Of recent, I saw a video by Jaruma “The Kayamata Princess” promoting her so-called new product. She claims the product can get a lady “dripping”. In the video, she placed her hand into a woman’s VG and was dangling with some messy slimy sticky stuff that looks likes efostic gum… well, she claims that’s the woman’s squirt (maybe na yesterday they born me). – unfortunately(well, fortunate for her), she will run out of orders.

“It is foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful”;

Bishop David Oyedepo

Selling this so-called “s3xual and body enhancement” product is definitely gainful to the sellers that’s why new products are popping out here and there and some sellers are already buying houses, cars et al from the sales (well…hopefully it’s purely from sales).

But, is it gainful to the buyer?

I won’t talk too much on this matter because, a reproductive health and rights activist, Godfrey Yeboah Amoah has already said it all.

Godfrey Yeboah Amoah in his post mentioned five powerful ways to overcome vag1nal shaming.

well, out of the five, the number 5 point is what concerns me as a man, because, I am hearing stories of women throwing their “not-able-to-squirt” abilities on the men; talmabout “he doesn’t know how to hit it, his periwinkle is tiny, he is thinking about another woman when he is on me..blablabla”

BREAKING NEWS! Not All Woman Are Created To Squirt. Squirting is different from orgasm. A woman can have an orgasm but will not squirt and vice versa.

See, just go and read up the post by Godfrey then let’s discuss more if you have anything to add or minus.

2020. The year of survival. I am happy to still be alive. Hahaha.

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