Hello, I am Atabo; Ladies call me Lion King.

I want to share a story.

Sometimes in September, it all started from the DM. I met this girl called Fifi, after ones and twos, I ended up at her place. But as a sharp guy, I never walk alone; I carry my condom everywhere I go, because I may need to “defend my project” anytime.

LasLas, it was time to prove to Fifi the stuff I was made off – In my head, I was going to devour this daughter of man.

It was 7 PM

As a nice guy, I helped her to off pant and set her up for the folded missionary style – that style that shifts her womb at every thrust. – I was ready to devour!

Her vagina was so warm and wet! Damn – The heat tore my so much trusted condom. But Fifi got me covered.

She brought out the Fiesta extra-strong condom. I resumed work, and we went through the 15 formats of missionary style.

8:30 PM

we paused, showered and ate. – She made me Tigernuts milk and dates mix. She awoke the beast in me.

9:00 PM

We returned to the ring, and this time around, I decided to utilize the fluffiness of her big ass. I wanted her ass to hit me as I pump. – It was doggy time.

The perfect arch she made as she set the ass up for daddy was burning. – My dick jacked back to life like it was dead for 3 days and her ass was the savior. Then I started.

I was using Doggy to devour this daughter of man, she didn’t know when she started barking!

Then something Unfortunate happened;

NEPA took the light and my dick pulled out, taking microseconds to put back – but Fifi got me covered.

She brought out the Fiesta Glow condom, wore it for me and took over control of my dick. The only thing visible in the room was my glowing dick. We went around the 3 formats of Doggy.

10:00 PM – halftime.

I didn’t know when Madame pulled out Fiesta Chocolate condom. She first performed a ritual – rubbed her big succulent boobs on my dick, using her nipple to rub the tip of my dick then, boom! Baba D jacked back. She wore me the chocolate condom and gave me the best head ever. – I had to ask what school she got the degree from.

11:00 PM – Back to the ring.

As at this time, I was already thinking to renounce my Lion King title – Fifi was the one devouring me.
But as a sharp guy, I lock up.

Now she wanted to get on top – no wahala, at least I wouldn’t stress too much.

She started, she gave me and I gave back then it became a moaning compety but after 2 minutes, my sugar cane started raining. But Fifi got me.

She brought out the Fiesta Prolong condom then started riding me like a Benz then after 10 minutes, she started riding like a Danfo driver. But I survived.

12:00 AM

We had a coffee break.

12:30 AM

Then we returned to the ring with the objective of getting her to climax.

Fifi pulled out the Fiesta dotted condom – In my head, I was already weeping. – I added, “Your Highness ” to her name.

The dots on the condom connected with all the cells in her pussy. At every thrust of my jaguar size dick, she felt every dot on the condom and pulled me in.

In no time, HRH Fifi started tearing the sheets and scratching my back. – She was feeling the boy.
The whole bed got drippy, her nerves got calmed. Then we slept.

6:00 AM

She tapped me with the Fiesta Original black condom – then I knew I was finished.

Told her to go and shower first so we can kill ourselves with enjoyment. As soon as she enters the bathroom, I carry my bag and ran for my life.

As I got home, I received a message on my phone, opened my bag to pick up my phone then saw 12 different variants of Fiesta condom in my bag, with a message from Fifi.

Guess what the message read. – Drop your guess in the comment section (I have a pack of 12 variants of  Fiesta Condoms to give out)

Brand: Fiesta Premium Condom

Objectives: Brand and Product Awareness

Format: Story Telling

Sex & Relationship

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