Seven wonders of Ado Awaye
  1. Oke Ishage (Ishage Rock)

Ishage Rock is the bringer of rain for the AdoAwaye people. Whenever it doesn’t rain and rain is needed, my chief priest goes to the rock, covers the rock with a white cloth, then rain falls for 3-4 days straight.

ishage rock - Adoawaye


2. Iyake Lake:

Iyake Lake Known as the only recognized suspended/hanging lake in Africa – one of the only two in the world. No one knows the depth, it is believed to have swallowed those who have tried to measure its depth. Till today, whoever enters the lake never comes out of it.

iyake lake- ado awaye


3. Agbomofun Iyake

Agbomofun Iyake ( collects child and gives to iyake) This little hole is located just beside the iyake lake. It is believed that, whenever the hole has water in it, whoever puts leg into it gets dragged to iyake lake. DON’T PUT YOUR LEG IN THE HOLE.

Agbomofun Iyake- adoawaye


4. Ese Awon Agba:

Ese Awon Agba The footsteps of elders These are large “footprints” found all over the mountain. It is believed that the gods once walked over the mountain to protect the locals during the time the locals stayed up the mountain.

Ese Awon Agba -adoawaye

5. The Elephant tree

The Elephant tree is a naturally fallen tree trunk that takes the shape of an Elephant’s head.

The Elephant tree-adoawaye

6. Ese Kan Aye, Ese Kan Iku (one leg in life, one leg in death)

This part leads to a valley then to the old settlement of Ado-Awaye people. Only the brave can pass through this place due to how sloppy it is. But one thing you should know is; FEAR IS JUST IN YOUR HEAD.

Ese Kan Aye, Ese Kan Iku -Adoawaye

7. Iya Alaro


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