South Africa

South Africa is a fully integrated society of more than 50-million people with a rich, fascinating mix of cultures ranging from Zulu and Xhosa (pronounced koh-sa), to Afrikaans and English and much more. There are 11 official languages – but don’t worry, nearly everybody in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ understands and speaks English.

It has nine provinces. Probably the best known to international visitors is the Western Cape, home of Cape Town and the Cape Winelands; Mpumalanga, famous for its spectacular scenery and the Kruger National Park; and KwaZulu-Natal, with its capital city, Durban, historic battlefields, and wonderful beaches. The other six provinces – the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Limpopo, North West and Free State.


Located in the southern hemisphere meaning it’s summer there when it’s winter up north.

  • Spring: September, October, November
  • Summer: December through March
  • Autumn: April, May
  • Winter: June through August

I have piled up some immigration guides to help you through.


To apply for South African Visa

For contact to South African embassy in Nigeria

For contact to South Africa Visa application center

South African Tourism

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