The Good Guy’s Guide to Foreplay (21+)

Foreplay: a sexual activity that precedes intercourse(Penetration)

On behalf of the ladies; the ones that are shy to tell their partner what they want, the ones that don’t even know what it is they want-
maybe because they have never tasted the real thing, never been with someone that knows the real thing
(fairly used virgins) or they just never paid attention.

We all agree that sex can be sweet- very sweet! Unfortunately, some guys have changed this statement to a negative in the mind of some ladies. – those guys that just “want to do their own”, and hence, spoil plans for us the future potential partners. (Just in case you plan to have multiple partners, I advise you use Fiesta Premium condoms).

Before I go deep into the matter, let me drop one formula I came up with;

Good Sex = Foreplay + Penetration.

T(P) = time spent on penetration
T(F) = time spent on Foreplay

Equation: 2( T(P) )+1 = T(F)

Find the total time used for sex; Given your average man cums after 3minutes of penetration,
Where; P= 3, F = 2(3)+1 = 7

A man that cums after 3 minutes, is expected to foreplay for 7 minutes. Totaling the period of sex to 10 Minutes.

So now, what’s the magic?

The major keys to a great foreplay are;

  • Ask her what she wants! (Ladies please, learn to be vocal too)
  • Pay Attention! (Very importanter…Lol)

You could be doing a good job or not – but unless she tells you, you won’t really know, because all women are different, hence, different strokes for different folks. Nonetheless, if you are attentive enough, you would be able to read the signs she gives as you do your thing.

Regardless of your existing skills; Whether you’re still figuring out what to do to her body, or to improve on your existing skills, I am here for you bruh!

So let’s start…

Upper Body: Kissing [ “For if the foundation is destroyed; what can the righteous do?” ]

Use your lips to grab her lower or upper lip, sucking it gently and softly while you run the tip of your fingers around her back.

Then move on to her neck, like a soft boy, kiss the corners of her neck (Please don’t go and bite someone’s daughter)

then gently drill your tongue into her ears, blow in some warm air (I bet her body just got pumped); just the way you sucked her lips, suck her ear lobs and while you have it in your mouth, use the tip of your tongue to caress it.

Mid Body: Breast, Nipple, Belly-Button

While still kissing the neck and licking the ears, let your hands not be idle;

Grab in as much breast as your hands can, and cuddle gently (no be Eba you dey roll, take it gently).

Then heads up and lick around the breast (not the nipples – this is just a tease). Licking around the boobs and getting very close to the nipples is a great teaser – the nipples will become harder and call your name to lick it (when you hear your name, no fear – Just lick).
  • As you are caressing the breast, softly pinch and rub the nipples at intervals.
  • Get her back to the bed, with her arms over her head in an “under arrest” position.
  • Slowly kiss her chest down to her belly button (Use your tongue to tickle the bellybutton when you get to it)

Split her legs and kiss through her inner thighs, stroke your fingers around the inner thighs, move your hands closer to her vagina – but don’t touch the vagina (at this point, her pussy is looking at you, but please ignore it for now – be scarce to it) -You can even gently brush the vagina as a form of “hello, I would be back soon”.

Keep doing all that, till her breathing gets intense and her nipples get hard enough;

  • Once you are done teasing, grab the nipple area with your mouth, like a baby, suck softly, if possible remove your teeth and use your gum – but yeah, once in a while, use your teeth to gently bite the nipple.

So for the boobs; its a lick- suck – lick-suck. All at a steady pace.

Down Town: Clitoral Stimulation

Unlike the upper body stimulation; the lower body is a university on its own. You need patience and skills to conquer it. – hence, I would be talking about “The good guy’s guide to clitoral stimulation” on a seperate post

In case you don’t know where the clitoris is located; it is just at the top of the vulva, just under the spot where the inner labia meet. (Find it before the next post)

Do you like Foreplay?

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    1. Well, like i mentioned, it’s more about communication. If she doesn’t, then no need.

      But, who has sex with a lady that doesn’t like foreplay???

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