The History of Ado-Awaye(Home to Africa’s only recognized suspended lake)
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After 3 months of eating their food, drinking their water, breathing their air, laughing at their jokes, walking their footpath; I became one of them

Walking through the little village, some called me “tourism” others who think I was there for Youth service called me “Kopa”, a few knew me as “David”; Everyone had a name for me and I was cool with that.

I became the king’s son, I made friends with the most popular Amala vendor in town (don’t say I like food please), I became a custodian to the most treasured asset in the village. The more days I spent there, the more I fell in love with the place, the more I fell in love with the people and definitely, the more shades of Amala I ate.

The story of how I got to find Ado-Awaye and how I got to fall in love with the place would be told another day. The day I feel my mission of turning the place to the most visited and loved place in Nigeria has gotten to a good point.

But for now, I would be talking more about the history of the “small but mighty” destination.

Would you let your younger sibling rule over you? – This was what led to the creation of the town. (BTW… if you are just interested in knowing about the tourist attractions, click here straight and don’t waste your time here…Lol)

This happened around 1500 AD in Oyo shortly after the death of the then king (Alafin Oluaso), it was time to crown a new king for the Oyo people (Ala’fin Oyo), the kingmakers were left with two options who happened to be half-brothers, Prince Obakoyi and Prince Onigbogi. It played out that the first prince who was the first born was a son to a woman who isn’t an indigene of Oyo but Otta – and so, the crown was given to the younger one who met the maternal requirement.

Out of anger, Prince Obakoyi, in the company of his wife and followers, left for Otta where his mother was indigene. But something happened on the way...

As they got to the foot of where later became “Ado hill” Oke-Ado, they noticed some smokes on the top of the hill, this gave them a guess that people were living up the hill, so they headed to the top of the hill and truly, people stayed there.

Up the hill lived refugees from the Dahomey war. And as soon as they saw the prince, it wasn’t hard for them to recognize him as the Prince of Oyo and hence, made him the king.

Now, another important thing happened again…

Oyo Kings are known to be mighty warriors and as a prince, Obakoyi knew soon or later, his brother will find out that he is still close by and may likely attack him. So he asked his new subjects, “What if my brother finds me here” and the people replied “a duro nibi pẹlu nyin (We would stand here with you)” – it is the “a duro” that was later shortened to “Ado”.  Easy

The people of Ado lived up the hill until the 18th century.

In 1815 AD, Awaye was founded by Princesses Belolari, daughter of Alafin AgboluajeThe two villages merged and lived happily ever after.

List of past Alado of Ado-Awaye

  1. Obakoyi
  2. Obadu
  3. Obaniso
  4. Oladunni
  5. Makuledoye
  6. Olusosun
  7.  Oyinlola Oladunni
  8.  Olaogun
  9. Akindele Oladunni
  10.  Oyedokun Oladunni
  11.  Ojeleye Oladunni
  12.  Olakisokun Oladunni

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