This Thing Called Breast (By RedDiana) 18+

This thing called breast.

Hi, call me Red Diana.

It’s funny that I’m writing this considering the fact that I’m female and I’m not a lesbian.

Irrespective of gender or sexual orientation, I have to agree that a woman’s breast is indeed beautiful. They come in different sizes and shapes, from small to perky to big and massive depending on what you prefer.

I’ve watched grown men lose their senses cos of breasts, oh how captivating. A perfect meal for both fathers and babies but we can all agree that men are big babies after all.

Breasts,  a gateway to great pleasures for both the pleaser and the pleased.  Squeezing it gently, nibbling of the nipples, suckling them like your life depended on it can open the floodgates and make her beg for more.

Lest I forget, the shaming that comes with saggy breasts.  This has to end as it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a whore,  it’s simply biology. Muscles have slacked and it has lost the elasticity that once made it proud and well rounded, the size doesn’t even determine it’s strength as I’ve seen small breasts that have slacked beyond comprehension.

In all of this, you just have to love and cherish breast.  A source of happiness since the very beginning.

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7 thoughts on “This Thing Called Breast (By RedDiana) 18+

  1. Beautifully written. I cant agree with u more. Men are really big babies.
    People should stop the breast shaming. Even a virgins breast gets slacked after sometime, its simply Biology.

  2. “I am a wall,
    and my breasts are like towers.
    Thus I have become in his eyes
    like one bringing contentment.”
    – Songs of Solomon 8:10

    He breast means a lot to us ‘big babies’, ladies should give extra attention and care to it. Many are nonchalant these days. I need to be contented as long as I live and not after you drop the second child.

    Nice read Red Diana!

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