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You are advised to check for any compulsory vaccinations required to protect against disease and infections while traveling as well as general advice on any vaccinations and preventative health precautions recommended for the area visited, it is necessary to check the health regulations of;

  • The country of destination
  • The country of origin or departure
  • Any transit countries

Also, note that there are some vaccinations regarded as compulsory vaccinations of which you would be given a health certificate by your doctor or travel clinic haven received it. There are other vaccinations, which are not compulsory and therefore do not need a health certificate to be issued but may be recommended for travel to certain countries.

If required, you must obtain a health certificate, proving you have been vaccinated against a specific infectious disease (either yellow fever or cholera). If you fail to do so, you could be deported out of the country. Alternatively, some countries may detain and hold you in quarantine.

In situations where you are required to be vaccinated against a disease, an internationally recognized certificate is issued (A yellow card). You would be required to produce this vaccination certificate at the point of entry into the country. This health certificate is issued by health clinics, travel clinics or other authorized medical personnel.

For now, Cholera and Yellow fever are the only vaccinations specifically required in normal travel and for which a vaccination certificate must be issued.

Take note:

  • If vaccinations are required, you should make an appointment to see your doctor or other appropriate authority
  • Yellow fever and Cholera vaccinations performed together will take up to 20- days to take effect.
  • The international certificate of vaccination must be completed and stamped by the vaccinator
  • Yellow fever vaccinations are valid for 10 years beginning 10 days after vaccination
  • Cholera vaccinations are valid for 6 months beginning 6 days after the first injection
  • The date on the certificate should be recorded as follows: 19 July 2017. This is to avoid misunderstanding over a certificate‚Äôs date of issue, and therefore the vaccination validity.
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