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A visa is a permit allowing a citizen of one country to enter another country. The visa system assists immigration authorities in keeping records of who and how many visitors are likely to travel to and from a country.

Under normal circumstances, once a visa has been issued, then entry into the country should be granted. However, the final decision regarding entry into any country remains with the immigration officials at the entry point.

The following information should be submitted to your travel agent in order to check your visa requirements:

  • Country of origin (where the journey begins)
  • Any stopover or transfer points on route
  • Country of destination
  • Country of final destination (will the traveler return to the country of origin where a re-entry permit might be needed?)
  • What type of passport you are traveling on (normal, diplomat, alien’s etc.)
  • Your nationality/citizenship

Visas are extremely important documents and therefore you should refrain from making travel arrangements until a visa has been granted and your travel agent is expected to advise you of a cancellation fee in advance.

Types of Visa

  • Visitor Visa: Provides right to entry to another country, subject to satisfying immigration authorities at the point of entry.
  • Transit Visa: Provides right of entry into another country purely for the purpose of making travel connections onward to a third country.
  • Re-entry permits: Where necessary, these permits entitle travelers to return to their country of domicile.
  • Exit permit: Entitle travelers to leave a country.
  • Schengen Visa: (Used within European countries)
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