What a Pleasurable Sex Feels Like; The Magic Gel

“It’s just there, uncomfortable, painful, nothing special, dry” – Perhaps you have used these words to describe how sex feels to you; behold brethren, I come with good news. Lol

I have had conversations with quite a lot of people, especially ladies. – and I found out that most of them never have used personal lubricants. – I am in shock! This means people have been having sex and never known what pleasurable sex is!

Lubes are the magic. The magic between the “just there sex” and “pleasurable sex”.

But chill. – There are people that don’t even know what lubes are (don’t be too surprised).

Lubes (personal lubricant/sex lubricants) are substances that help reduce friction during any form of sex, making the sex more comfortable and pleasurable. Lubes could be in form of gels, creams or liquid.

So why are some people still ignorant of this magic? Why haven’t some people used lubes?

According to compiled myths about lubes by Martha Kempner, MA; these are some common myths about lubes; Some people believe that lubes are;

  • Only used by old or frigid people
  • Just for penis-vagina sex
  • are all the same
  • for poorly lubricated condoms

Allow me to clear your doubts, young ladies. There are moments when you really want to get to the groove but your body isn’t just “dancing to the beat”, maybe because you are dehydrated or on some sort of medication that is affecting your natural lubrication or your body just naturally takes time to “open the floodgates” and you need to get the job done quickie. Lol – then you need the lubes.

Noticed in my definition of lubes, I stated it’s for any form of sex? – Yes, be it a penis, sex toys, fingers or any object of your wish; lubes makes the movement a smooth ride.

As for types, lubes are made of different substances. – water-based, silicone and oil-based lubes. All of which has their advantages and disadvantages.

Condoms such as Fiesta Premium condoms are very much lubricated, but as your taste for a longer period of sex comes into play, the lubricant on the condoms may be insufficient for the long duration, hence the need to apply some water-based lubes.

Personally, people have told me stuff like;

“I heard it’s expensive”, “I heard if used with a condom, it will get the lady pregnant” “I heard it smells horrible”…I heard…I heard…and I heard. – well, now, you are going to hear the truth from me.

Fiesta Intim Gel has come to your rescue, now you don’t have any excuse. – Let me tell you why

Fiesta Intim Gel is a water-based lube – this means, it can be applied to condoms and the condoms won’t burst. Also, as water-based, it provides a non-greasy and exciting sexual experience, sold at a better price compared to other brands in the market.

It’s even more exciting as it comes in three variants; Natural, cool, warm – this gives you the “however you like it” options. – It gets even better to know how well scented the gels are. The cool with peppermint, while the warm, with strawberry. – how awesome!

So now, what’s your excuse??? – Never have sex without considering lubes.

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