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When Two Consenting Adults “do it” in a Strange Land.

Keywords: consenting, adults

They could be more than two. But here is my point;

There is always something special about things and places you ain’t used to, and sometimes, people you ain’t used to – The curious nature to uncover every content of a person, place or thing, as the case may be; Maybe that’s why the beginning of a relationship most times serves as the “sweetest” part; because you haven’t gotten “used” to the person.

I did it on the beach at 10 pm, I did it on the mountain, I had the best at the back of a car in Paris, I had a wild one in Sambisa, blablabla“.

Sometimes, it’s not the act that brings the fun, but how and where it was done. – the adventurous story attached to it.


I ran out of what to write…

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